Fred Forest - Retrospective
Sociologic art - Aesthetic of communication
Exhibition Generative art - November, 2000
Exhibition Biennale 3000 - Sao Paulo - 2006
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Louis-José Lestocart Portuguese version
Louis-José Lestocart : l'oeuvre-système invisible ou l'O-S-I English version
Vinton Cerf English version
Priscila Arantes Curator of the exhibition "Retrospective au Paço das Artes" Portuguese version
Sandra Rey Portuguese version
Michaël F Leruth Portuguese version
Evelyne Rogue French version
Annick Bureaud English version
Mario Costa Portuguese version
Jean Devèze English version
Vilem Flusser Portuguese version
Derrick de Kerckhove Portuguese version
Pierre Lévy Portuguese version
Marshall McLuhan Portuguese version
Pierre Moeglin English version
Frank Popper English version
François Rabate English version
Pierre Restany English version
Pierre Restany Portuguese version
Pierre Restany English version
Edgar Morin Portuguese version
Harald Szeemann English version
1 - Synthetisis note on the activities of Fred Forest
2 - Manifests Sociological Art (1974) and Aesthetics of the Communication (1983)
3 - The Aesthetics of the Communication by Fred Forest (1983)
4 - For an Aesthetics of Communication - Fred Forest
5 - The Video family by Fred Forest (1976)
6 - Learn to watch TV through the radio by Fred Forest and Pierre Moeglin (1984)   
7 - Why present his candidacy for President of the Bulgarian TV by Fred Forest (1991)



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